Accuracy improvement of finite-difference time-domain method for photonic crystal fibers

N. H. Vu and I.K.Hwang
Southeast-Asian J. of Sciences: Vol. 1, No 2(2012)pp. 195-209

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This paper describes computational errors found in Finite-Difference Time-Domain analyses of photonic crystal fibers, and proposes several techniques for the accuracy improvement. We first briefly introduce the FDTD computation scheme, and discuss about the optimization of various simulation parameters to obtain high accuracy with reasonable computation loads. The calculation of bending loss with good agreement with experimental data is demonstrated by proper selection of the computation domain. Finally, we propose the simulation based on a real fiber image to reflect irregularities and fabrication errors of fiber structures.

Key words: Optical fiber characterization, FDTD methods, optical fibers design and fabrication, optical fiber fabrication