Categorical Structures of Self-adaptation in Collective Adaptive Systems

Phan Cong Vinh

Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering Volume 144, 2015, pp 55-62

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An adaptive system is currently on spot: collective adaptive system (CAS), which is inspired by the socio-technical systems. CASs are characterized by a high degree of adaptation, giving them resilience in the face of perturbations. In CASs, highest degree of adaptation is self-adaptation. The overarching goal of CAS is to realize systems that are tightly entangled with humans and social structures. Meeting this grand challenge of CASs requires a fundamental approach to the notion of self-adaptation. To this end, taking advantage of the categorical approach we construct, in this paper, algebraic structures of self-adaptation in CASs.


  • Adaptedness
  • Categorical approach
  • Collective adaptive system
  • Self-adaptation
  • Self-adaptive trait