Conducting hotel co-branding research in the virtual world of second life: an exploratory study

Paul Penfold, Basak Denizci Guillet, Liu Zhen

APAC Chrie 2010 Conference paper

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Fulltex: Apac_Chrie_2010__Paper_013_-_Penfold


This paper explains how Immersive Research techniques were used to capture data in real time through avatar activity in Second Life. This initial study is part of a larger-scale research project which aims to understand the optimal level of co-branding for the hotel industry. This paper considers the research methodology, the data collection process and gives a brief summary of the initial research findings. The virtual environment offers an opportunity for researchers to reach a global audience, conduct the research in a relatively short time frame, and do the research inexpensively. The study will be of interest to researchers who may wish to use a virtual 3D environment for their own research.


Second Life; Virtual Worlds; Hotel Co-branding; Immersive Research; Hong Kong