Data Intensive Distributed Computing in Data Aware Self-organizing Networks

Cong-Vinh Phan

Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 7050, 2012, pp 74-107

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Data management in data aware self-organizing networks (DASNs) such as wireless sensor networks (WSNs), mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) and so on, whose fundamental paradigm is data aware computing, is currently on the spot as one of the priority research areas and research activities are booming recently. At a borderline of changing DASN configuration, data evolve over time. Thus investigating data awareness emerges as a need, on the one hand, for managing data in DASNs, but on the other hand, for modeling, specifying, programming, and verifying DASNs. Moreover, a well-established foundation of data aware computing in such self-organizing networks becomes a requirement. Hence in this paper, we first construct algebraic models for DASNs. Second, algebraic model of data streams is developed and quantitative behaviors for data streams in DASNs are computed. Third, using algebraic models for DASNs we form monoids of data aware self-organizations and shape streams of data aware self-organizations. Finally, a category of data aware self-organizations monoids is established and streams of data aware self-organizations monoids are considered.

Keywords: Data aware self-organizing networks, WSNs, MANETs, Data aware computing, Data streams, Stream calculus, Categorical structures, Category theory, Coinductive principles, Theory of algebras and coalgebras.