Developing Hospitality Education in China: A Case Study of Guilin Institute of Tourism

Paul Penfold, Liu Wei, Adele Ladkin

Journal of China Tourism Research, Volume 8, Issue 1, 2012, pages 61-77

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The article examines an attempt to develop a new hospitality management program at the Guilin Institute of Tourism in China. Using a case study approach, the research explores the process of curriculum review and redesign and implementation of a new hotel management program. Two areas are identified for discussion based on empirical data collection and the perceived importance of and satisfaction with different attributes relating to teaching quality and the overall program. The views of two stakeholders are explored: students and faculty. The study concludes that Guilin Institute has made considerable improvements in program content and delivery methods and that evaluation of this kind can offer significant improvements and lead the way for developing hospitality education in China.


Hospitality Education, China, Programme Development