Embedded Switched-Inductor Z-Source Inverters

Minh-Khai Nguyen, Young-Cheol Lim, Young-Hak Chang, and Chae-Joo Moon

Journal of Power Electronics 2013, Volumn 13, No 1, pp 9-19

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In this paper, a ripple input current embedded switched-inductor Z-source inverter (rESL-ZSI) and a continuous input current embedded switched-inductor Z-source inverter (cESL-ZSI) are proposed by inserting two dc sources into the switched-inductor cells. The proposed inverters provide a high boost voltage inversion ability, a lower voltage stress across the active switching devices, a continuous input current and a reduced voltage stress on the capacitors. In addition, they can suppress the startup inrush current, which otherwise might destroy the devices. This paper presents the operating principles, analysis, and simulation results, and compares them to the conventional switched-inductor Z-source inverter. In order to verify the performance of the proposed converters, a laboratory prototype was constructed with 60 Vdc input to test both configurations.

Keyword: Z-source inverter,embedded Z-source inverter,switched-inductor,boost inversion ability,continuous current