Exploring the Chinese Tourism Curriculum: A case study of Guilin Institute of Tourism, China

Mr Paul, PENFOLD and Adele, LADKIN

APAC Chrie 2010 Conference paper

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Fulltex: Paper_028_July_2010_Apac_Chrie_Penfold


The paper explores the development of a new tourism curriculum at the Guilin Institute of Tourism. Using a case study approach, the research describes the process of curriculum review from an existing to a new hotel management programme. Two areas are identified for discussion based on empirical data collection, satisfaction with the curriculum and quality of teaching. The views of the students are presented. The study concludes that Guilin Institute has made considerable improvements in programme content and delivery methods and that evaluation of this kind can offer significant improvements and may lead the way for developing tourism education in China.


Tourism Education, China, Programme Development