Featured Concurrency of Mobile ad hoc Computing

Phan Cong Vinh,
ERPAS, MoMM 2011 Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Advances in Mobile Computing and Multimedia, Pages 277-280

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Mobile ad hoc computing (MAC) is a form of concurrent computing by which computational processes are executed in parallel by assigning each computational process to one of mobile devices on a mobile ad hoc network (MANET). The overall goal of MAC is to support such MANETs capable of management and high performance. Meeting this grand challenge of MAC requires that MANET processes concurrency not tackled before is necessarily featured. To this end, this paper presents a firm formal development for featuring concurrency of MANET processes.

Keywords:  Concurrency, Device-to-Device (D2D), MANET, Mobile adhoc computing (MAC), Self-configuration.