Information and service integration based on agnet-oriented ubiquitous computing

Phan Cong Vinh,

Mobile Networks and ApplicationsApril 2014, Volume 19, Issue 2, pp 227-234

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Ubiquitous computing for information and service integration is currently at crucial point in its evolution, marked by the increasing developments of agent-based ubiquitous computing systems for the information and service integration. Some major features of ubiquitous computing systems (UCSs) consist of heterogeneity, decentralization, nondeterminism and dynamicity. Hence, agent-based ubiquitous computing (AUC) is a form of distributed computing by which computational processes are executed concurrently by assigning each computational process to one of agents on a UCS. The overarching goal of AUC is to support the seamless integration of information and services. Meeting this grand challenge of AUC requires that agent-orientation not tackled before is necessarily featured. To this end, taking advantage of the categorical structures we establish, in this paper, a firm formal development for featuring agent-orientation of ubiquitous computing. In other words, all of these are to formalize the AUC for information and service integration.


  • Agent-orientation
  • Information and service integration
  • Ubiquitous computing systems
  • Context-awareness