Semantic-lite retrieval on imprecise and incomplete natural queries using conceptual graphs

Thinh Nhat Phan, Tho Thanh Quan, Thien Cong Pham, anh Nguyen Tuong Huynh,
The 6th International Conference on Software and Data Technologies    2011, Vol. 1, Seville, Spain, pp 18-21

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Many attempts have been made on processing natural queries on relational databases, because this feature should render users virtually no boundary on expression search requests. Recently, research trends on this field have moved from compositional semantics into SQL-oriented processing on natural queries. However, this approach still suffers the problem  of imprecise and incomplete information which often occurs when users submit their queries casually in practical situations. In this paper, we show an approach on translating the natural queries into conceptual graphs using semantic information captured by a domain ontology. Due to the well-structured representation of conceptual graph, we can resolve the impreciseness and retrieve the incompleteness when occurring. Experimental results have shown that our approach is quite promising.

Keywords:  natural query processing, ontology, conceptual graphs.