Switched-Inductor Quasi-Z-Source Inverter

(SCI) (Article’s link)


This paper deals with a new family of high boost voltage inverters called switched-inductor quasi-Z-source inverters (SL-qZSIs). The proposed SL-qZSI is based on the well-known qZSI topology and adds only one inductor and three diodes. In comparison to the SL-ZSI, for the same input and output voltages, the proposed SL-qZSI provides continuous input current, a common ground with the dc source, reduced the passive component count, reduced voltage stress on capacitors, lower shoot-through current, and lower current stress on inductors and diodes. In addition, the proposed SL-qZSI can suppress inrush current at startup, which might destroy the devices. This paper presents the operating principles, analysis, and simulation results, and compares them with those of the SL-ZSI. To verify the performance of the proposed converter, a laboratory prototype was constructed with 48 Vdc input and an ac output line-to-line voltage of 120 Vrms. The simulation and experimental results verified that the converter has high step-up inversion ability.

Index Terms—Boost inversion ability, quasi-Z-source inverter (qZSI), switched-inductor, Z-source inverter (ZSI).