Higher education partnership fund 2015 in UK

The British Council Vietnam is calling for proposals from UK and Vietnam institutions and organisations to enhance Education, Research and Innovation links between the UK and Vietnam with the Higher Education Partnership Fund (HEP) 2015.

Priority areas include:

University governance
Quality assurance
Social Sciences and Education
Teaching, Learning and Development.

The total fund available is worth GBP 75,000.

Partnership Format

The HEP would be used for partnerships to support:
The programme of Education Policy and Vietnam Higher Education
The programme of Transnational Education
Development of R&D Collaboration
Industry Engagement

Application and timeline

1. Submission of concept note – 29.06.2015
2. Submission of full proposal (If concept note is approved) – 14.08.2015
3. Project Run – 21.09.2015

Please refer to the Higher Education Partnership Fund for more details.

Contact us
Phan Thi Bao Phi

Higher Education Manager, Partnerships
25 Le Duan, District 1, HCMC
T +84 (0)8 3823 2862 (ext.2500)
F +84 (0)8 3823 2861
Email: phi.phan@britishcouncil.org.vn