The solution for building a strategic plan for e-learning at universities in Vietnam

Nguyen Van Phuc

Education and e-Learning Innovations (ICEELI), 2012 International Conference on , pp.1-5, 1-3 July 2012

Print ISBN:978-1-4673-2226-3

DOI: 10.1109/ICEELI.2012.6360639


E-learning is usually defined as a type of learning supported by information and communication technology (ICT) that improves quality of teaching and learning. Implementation of e-learning contributes to the advancement of higher education (HE). E-learning system is a powerful tool for achieving strategic objectives of the university (teaching, research and serving the society) and it contributes to the progress on the institutional level as well as the personal level, including both teaching staff and students. It supports collecting, analyzing and applying information appropriately and comprises different teaching methods, for example information management, creative thinking, critical thinking, problem solving and collaborative learning.